Slider image and anchoring in center, horizontally and vertically

I’ve added a slider to the bottom of a page and have just 2 images in there right now. Both of them are anchored to the top center of the image, but I would prefer the images be anchored in the center, center… or in other words, anchored in the center both horizontally and vertically.
When I select the image and go to Size, Fit - it’s set to “Fill” and to the right there are three dots, which when clicked on shows the “Position” as centered, with Left and Top set to 50%.
To me that seems like it’s set right, and yet the image is not positioned in the center vertically (it is horizontally though).
Any suggestions on where I’m going wrong?

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Oh whoops never mind… Watched Webflows video on Slides and realized I can use a background image and then place it as I need!

@colour sometimes you might want to use and image element to leverage lazy loading. You need to add a width and height of 100% to the image element. And then use “Cover” instead of “Fill” and center that.