Slider - how to scale an horizontal img slide layout to vertically

Hello, everyone, I am having trouble with the slider: I have created the slides on illustrator, and on a horizontal layout works perfectly with a scale width of 100%.

When on mobile the scale width of 100% doesn’t work (the images gets super tiny) and if I scale the it to 100% height it flows through the next slides and they end up layering all together with the other slides.

Is there a way to make the upcoming slide stop until all the content is shown? aka to scroll horizontally inside the slide?

No idea how to, so thank you for your tips!!

Here is my site Read-Only: Design Responsive Websites - Webflow


Include/fix your share link so we can help.

Here is my first thought however…Since you made your slide in .ai, just make a mobile version of the slide too. So you’ll have a desktop version and switch it on mobile with your pre-made mobile slide.