Slider Element with exterior Info Panel Help!

Hello all, I posted this on the r/webflow subreddit and another user recommended I ask my question here.

I’m looking to use a slider to display my portfolio projects in a compact format. The only problem is that I would like to have the text description for each slide with a button link, appear outside of the slider and scroll with each arrow click. I’m pretty new to Webflow (this is my first project actually) so I’m a bit stuck and don’t know where to go with this idea. I will include a picture of what I had in mind. (The screenshot is taken from Adobe Xd I don’t currently have anything functioning currently outside of a traditional slider in Webflow).

Any ideas or thoughts would be extremely helpful thanks so much :slight_smile:


Hey @zach95564

I’m pretty sure @mistercreate created something like this a while back, but I can’t seem to find it! I’ve pinged him in this reply, just in the hope he can point you to the tutorial. :grin:

(Even if he didn’t, you should follow his channel anyway because it’s frickin’ awesome) :metal:


Oh, thanks for the shoutout! :blush:

I’ve yet to create slider element like the above example, but I was able to quickly put something together.

@zach95564 - You can view it at the following:

Also, you can view the standalone read-only link at the following:

Definitely hope this is helpful :bowing_man:


Prettttyyy cool :nerd_face:



YO!!! @mistercreate and @magicmark, you guys are so helpful thanks for getting me onto the right track. I really appreciate your help, that’s exactly what I was thinking I just didn’t know how to make it happen bwaha. :smile: Cheers mates!

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All we need now is a @PixelGeek ‘Make the web beautiful’ gif!



Haha, love it @mistercreate

And the slider element is pretty cool too! :grin:

@StuM I think custom gifs should be mandatory for all mods. :+1: :pray:

Wow, really cool. Would it be possible to have it Cloneable for the benefit of the WF community?