Slider element getting stuck and not cycling through images

On my portfolio pages I have a slider block cycling through several images in 1 second intervals just to add some movement and showcase a series of similar images in a nice presentation. I’ve used a slider block in place of uploading a lossy GIF which seems to work nicely.

However, my issue is that the images don’t always cycle. Sometimes it will get stuck on the first image, sometimes it will cycle 2 or 3 and then stop. I find it sometimes catches up and resumes cycling after hovering over or clicking on/near the image.

I’m concerned potential employers won’t have a chance to see all the examples I’ve created in the event that it gets stuck and they won’t even realize it’s more than a static image and just scroll on by.

Any suggestions or workarounds to achieve a similar effect that works consistently?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK <<< there are 2 sliders on this page that employ this technique and they are both closer the bottom of the page. first one is about halfway down
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Hey @Clafond17 – it’s initially getting stuck up because Webflow auto pauses the slider cycling when a user hovers on it. So even if a user is scrolling down the page and accidentally has their mouse in the middle, it could pause the slider.

Add this code to your project and replace “yourClass” with the class of your slider(s). This will prevent people from being able to hover on your slider and will stop Webflow from pausing it.


Thanks, this worked great. Never would have figured this out on my own!

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