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Slider creates issues on mobile and makes the navbar very long

Hey guys,

I got a challenge with the testimonial slider. Something in it makes it brick on mobile. The navbar is very far stretched out.

If I disable this slider, it shows normal on mobile.

The preview looks fine.
2021-02-14 01_07_03-Webflow -

But on my phone it bricks the view.

I got the slider from this cloneable template. I copied it into my project twice, because I wanted to start from scratch editing this element to make it fit the rest of the design.

So this is maybe how I bricked it…

Can you please have a look?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hey @Fritz_L

You can try simply giving elements that wrap your slider setting of overflow: none, I tested it out in inspector and it seems to be working fine, let me know if it helps and if you need any further assistance, cheers.


this solved the issue! Thank you a lot.

I have not tried this and I was looking already for a while.

I will remember this if I ever run into the same issue.

Many many thanks!