Slider Bug - Tag appearing out of nowhere


Happens on all projects. Not a huge deal but it’s pretty annoying if you’re trying to click through slides without looking to see where the mouse is when you haven’t moved it. The tag appearing like this repositions everything below it.

Hi @Cricitem

Thanks for posting – that looks super glitchy for sure.

I am not able to reproduce that same thing on this end though. Here is what I’m seeing:

Are there specific steps you are taking to see this behavior?

Just unselect it and select it again and the tag will disappear. This is in all projects on Chrome for Mac.

The only way I’ve been able to reproduce a similar behavior by selecting the slider, then using the arrows in the settings to switch to a slide. In this case, this is expected behavior because the slide being navigated to is now selected — so you should see slider # settings instead of slider settings, and Tag: div

If you are referring to something else can you post a bit more detail on how to reproduce the behavior? Thanks!

No that’s exactly what I’m talking about. I guess it’s not a bug, then; just a jarring experience that annoys me every time it happens. lol

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