Slider bug overflow on mobile device

Hi Webflow Community,

I have a very frustrating problem/bug with the Weblfow slider. I try to build a testimonial slider and on the desktop, it works as I want it, but on mobile devices, a weird overflow happens and it will only happen when I use the slider in combination with my testimonial card. The testimonial card itself won’t cause this problem.

Desktop View of the slider:

Mobile view of the slider with weird overflow:

Testimonial card without slider and also without weird overflow:


Here is the site itself: Link
Here is my site Read-Only: Link
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Something bugs with your .I-row class. As soon as you delete this one, things get in order.

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Thx a lot Vincent. It was really this shitty class and the reason was the flex property. Sometimes you need a view of a fresh third person :sweat_smile:

Did you understand why the flex property was making the element bug? Because I couldn’t.

Nope I couldn’t understand it fully, but I think it has something to do with Webflows Slider widget which uses floating to work.

Ah yes, you can’t override the settings of the component too much. You need to leave the original elements untouched, and wrap or nest with new ones.

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