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Slider Background Issue

hello community

I can’t manage to get the background of my slider to be transparent.
I thought the slider module could have a fixed background color and so i tried to overwrite both the .slider-module and the .mask class with an embedded code. But it didn’t change anything. Oddly the problem only occurs on mobile.

.slider-module { background-color:transparent!important; } .mask { background-color:transparent!important; }

Here is my public share link: [Webflow - Wild State of Mind

Hi @elena-sabrina your slider background is transparent do you talk about grey gradient that is set on your section wrapper?

hello @Stan

Aah i can see it now. I thought the slider has a background on mobile when it’s actually just the shadow that’s being cut off be the navbar.

But yes actually now i realize the color of the section .page-wrapper is not displayed. I can’t see why.

hi @elena-sabrina you page-wrapper doesn’t have any height (from desktop to mobile) because navbar have position absolute and Slider-Camera have position fixed so they are taken from standard flow. Hope that make sense as this is standard CSS positioning behaviour .

hello @Stan

Yes that totally makes sense. Thanks!

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