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Slider auto-play doesn't work when mouse is hovered onto the slider

Hi everybody!

I have a full screen slider that is already set up autoplay. But it’s working pretty weird. Looks like if I hovered onto the slider, the autoplay will stop. Could anybody help have a look?

Here is how to repeat:

  1. Open the project page: SIDG | Projects (
  2. Go into the first project St Kilda Tower
  3. Keep your mouse static, don’t move, then you can see the slider plays automatically, which is normal.
  4. Then move your mouse a little bit, the slider will stop playing
  5. Then move your mouse onto any other item, for example the rotating symbol on the top-right corner, the slider will continue playing automatically.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - SIDG

This is super weird. Hope someone can help! Thanks!