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Slider Arrows don't show

This is how the site shows for me.

Looks like this in Webflow

Read-Only Link: Webflow - Melior Website

What browser are you using? I’m seeing the arrows in Chrome on my MacBook, but I’m noticing that there’s no size for the image elements:

Right now they’re set to show at 100% of their total size—which may not be a problem if their parent container has a size applied to it—however the wrapper you’re using only has a width applied:

Certain browsers will render those as you’d expect (how they show up in the Designer preview) however you’ll want to make sure you define a size on them to ensure they are rendered the same across all browsers.

Thanks for the response @mikeyevin I’m using a Lenovo Yoga 730. Sorry I may have needed to explain more the issue is with the element called “Slider-Desktop” I went ahead & added dimension sizes for the images but this did not fix the issue i’m also using Chrome

Your slider-desktop element is showing up hidden, but it looks like you’re hiding the overflow on that section:

I just took a closer look at your initial image and it looks to me like the lower part of the image is covered up, so I’d imagine your slider icons are being clipped by the FAQ section below it.

Try removing that overflow and see if that fixes the issue.