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Slider arrow icon move to other location

I have two questions. I would like to move the right arrow icon of the slider (which is now a syringe) to another location, preferably below the text box on the right. How can I reposition this specific icon?

My other question is, why do I don’t see the icon as long as I don’t click on the position where it should be? Somehow it got lost…

Thank you in advance!

Here the public link to my page:

Hi @creatspot here’s another forum topic explaining how to reposition the arrows to another location using Absolute Positioning:

Also to replace the arrow icon you must delete the original arrow icon and drag&drop and image into “Right Arrow” or “Left Arrow” element. You can put a class on that new image and Absolute Position it in the center as well (or wherever you want with the help of the above topic).

Thanks for the great answer. Everything worked!