Slider appears on preview but not on all screens when published


I am able to see the slider in the designer and on my laptop and phone when the site is published. However, on other screen resolutions (it appears to affect screens with more pixels), the slider does not appear.

This also seems to only affect the published site on the actual domain and not webflow’s domain.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Actual domain link:

Webflow domain link:

Read-only link:

hi @Chris5 it is not a bug but your design decisions so I have changed tag from bug to getting started.

The problem is with your slider settings with a lot of let say not optimal settings. the main problem is with you images sizes and with your grids. You don’t need 5fr - 1fr for grid rows instead use 1fr - auto because your slider is set to grid you need to pay attention how wrapper for image is set. It is common practice to use all images in slider with identical dimensions etc. Beside slider there are several other issues that should be solved too. :wink:


Right thank you for that! I’ll get on to those changes now.

However, I was referring to the logo slider above that which was having the problem of visibility on larger screens. Sorry I didn’t make this clear in the post. Would you be able to help on that part of the page?

I’ve made the changes for the grid rows now, would you be able to elaborate on what the other issues are? If you are busy that’s ok.

hi @Chris5 I don’t know but I was referring to bottom slider “Recent Events” and logos under neath that are hiding on large screens (27"). All these comments I have posted were only a hints where to start fixing the problems with this slider. As you see on image below you still have major problems as is lower than content.

The other issues I have referring is for example that your Body element is set to flex. Why? There is more issues that IMO need revision. They have no impact on how page is looks but it is not how it is done in common practice.

But take first focus on fixing (rebuild) last slider that is now main issue. :wink:

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Right thank you for that.

Would you have any idea about the slider above that?

For some reason, this slider appears on some screens but not on others :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi @Chris5 your link is 404

Oh apologies.

Webflow link:

Preview link:

hi @Chris5 it is almost similar issue with your other slider. Images are cut (in top logo slider) because of fixed height of you slider and images growth. One way how to “solve” issue with this slider is to increase slider height on large screens.

You need to learn how to work with slider, mask and how images behave. You can find on internet some videos where guys customise WF predefined slider. Follow these instruction and code with them to get better WF Slider understanding.

Here is one example you can watch and listen what he is doing, but there are other developers too. :slight_smile:

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Alright thank you very much for all the help!

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