Slider animation. What am I doing wrong?

Hi there,

There’s an odd behavior in the animation of this slider. The animation works well the first time each slide is shown, but once I start again the animation don’t work anymore. What am I missing?

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Thanks in advance!

hi @gtc all you have to do is set INITIAL state when slide is OUT. You actually do not need to set an initial state (switch) on your slide but set where will move slide when is out of view.

set new action for slide out.

this is where you need slider to be when is out. You hide it first and then move slide to initial position.
CleanShot 2020-12-05 at 09.37.00

and then just set animation you want for slide in

CleanShot 2020-12-05 at 09.36.49

Hope that make sense

Hi @Stan! I appreciate your help :metal:
I’ve been trying to follow your instructions but I only got worse results. Could you please attach more detailed photos (or maybe a video capture) of the process?
Thanks in advance!

HI @gtc I had created an example to look inside. Look only to slider-container that is where is your slider.

Hi @Stan! Looks like the link you attached is broken

Hi @gtc sorry. Is fixed now.

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Thank you much @Stan! I owe you a beer :metal:

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