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Slider and Hyperlink Issues

Hello everyone, I’ve been working on my portfolio for a while now but there are some issues that I’m still struggling with.

  1. Slider is not showing properly in the mobile view. I tried to change its display setting but somehow that function is disabled.

  2. Whenever I added a hyperlink to a text within a paragraph, the wrapped text would become green and got pushed to the very beginning of the sentence. Can anyone explain why is this happening please?

Thanks so much for your help!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi There @MY_z

So while I would love to help you, I am having trouble figuring out what’s your problem - I don’t know your website and where is the slider - if you are looking for help, try and be as specific as possible as to what you need help with - I do not mean to be rude, but it is beyond aggravating to try and look through pages and pages of stuff to try and decipher what it is someone needs help with… so, please specify what page I should be looking at… which div’s etc… so i don’t spend time trying to figure out where I can locate the slider you are referring to but instead spend the time trying to solve your issue…


Hi @IVG No problem, sorry for not being specific in my questions.

The slider is on the IBM page in section 14.

The hyperlink issue comes from the home page paragraph 43.

Please let me know if this is clear – Thanks for pointing this out!

so it looks like you use images as slide backgrounds for each slide… so you need to set the origin of the image, tiling and size this should take care of the issue you are seeing
Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 4.53.32 PM

as for the link… go to the “all links” selector
Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 5.01.26 PM
this will let you edit properties for all links,

then go to the position properties, and in “float and clear” set “don’t float”
Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 5.01.44 PM
this should take care of the issue

Hi! @IVG Thank you for your advice. I got the second problem fixed. :slight_smile: Super helpful!

But I’m a bit confused about how to fix the slider still. I see that I use images as slide backgrounds for each slide, should I tile and size the images before uploading? Or just fix the size in the setting you show? Because I set the image to “cover”, webflow doesn’t allow me to edit the size in setting, only the positioning. Perhaps I misunderstood your method, if so, can you explain further please?


So I am not sure what exactly you want to achieve… That being said you have a number of options - with the setting I suggested you can cover/contain and center the images… you can set the to fit inside the slide and they will size responsively, or you can set to cover and they will also size responsively… but since they div doesn’t stay in the same ratio all the time it is hard to determine the ratio of an image that you may need ahead of time and format accordingly… I actually wrote a small tutorial on how to make sure that you get a responsive div that remains the same ratio throughout so the image always fits… but that is a little different and will require custom media queries…

Have a look and let me know if I can explain further

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Hi! @IVG Sorry for the late reply!
I will definitely read your tutorial and play around the div. Thanks so much for your help on this!