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Slider and buttons within a site

Hi, Can anyone help me with what the best way is to recreate this slider as seen on the site below.

One one side I’l have a button and below it text. On the other side I’ll have numbers and an image below it.
I’ve attached a screenshot of the part of the site I’m referencing.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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The “Services” page on my site is where I’m looking to do this

I’d suggest using the tabs component and then using another tabs component within each tab for the before/after. You’ll have to apply the same styles to the images so they line up and use the same source image of the iMac but with different content in the window so they all line up.

Is there a way to get the iMac and images on the right and keep the before and after tabs on the left? Also how can I get the iMac to be static and only make the images on it change?

I want to use the numbers on the right to change whats on the iMac as well. Similar to how it is here.