Slider acts random when resizing, in interactions (bug?)

Hi all,

I have a slider that acts weird when resizing through interactions. It seems like the first slide in the slider, acts as intended when the resizing interaction has played, but the following slides somehow ‘fall’ off the pre-build structure. Since they all share the same styling I suppose they should act similar, but they don’t and it really puzzles me.

Also, I have tried to resize without using interactions and in this case there are no issues at all, which is why I suspect the slider-module in combination with interactions, is what causes issues.

Can anyone help? Any help or experiences are appreciated!

Here is my public share link: [LINK][1]
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Hi @jacobdarfelt , good to see you back at the forum :smile:

This is definitely not a great behaviour…
I can confirm that the Webflow native slider is an element that urgently needs some updates. It depends on transform property, so it makes sense that any structural change to it breaks it apart.

Thanks Aviv @avivtech
And yes, that slider-module has caused me so much trouble – in many cases and for many reasons. It should come with a warning, that tells the user not to alter anything :man_shrugging:. Do you happen to know an alternative? To a slider, that is.