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Slide Out Contact Us Box Issue

I built a slide-out contact us box for my most recent website ( ). It’s labeled “Contact Form” in the Navigator. I used the exact same setup as I have in a couple other sites I’ve built from a template purchased on Webflow, but this one won’t work. Not sure why when I click “CONTACT” in the menu, it’s not sliding out. I’ve also tried to activate it through some buttons on the site as well “CONTACT US” but the same result. I have the Z-Index set. Not sure why it’s not working. It also doesn’t come up when I try to link to it via the ID “Slideout.”

If anyone could look at it and let me know where I’ve gone wrong, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Because when you click Contact, it activates an Open Contact interaction, which is totally empty.

Thank you for the help. Still trying to understand everything.