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Slide number with total number of slides

thanks for the comment! here’s the live link. it just doesnt work for me:

Thank you so much for this, it works like a charm! Many thanks and :blue_heart:!

EDIT: I’m having a small issue when implementing the double digit code. I happen to have 9 slides and it shows as 10 (it actually ends on 09/10). Any idea?
Let me add that I am feeding the slider with dynamic content by means of another script shared by finsweet.

Hello, i have problems with solution implementation in to website, counter does not work at all. Can someone provide more detailed tutorial on how to make multiple sliders in one page work ?

Thank you!

Been searching for this! Thanks so much!!! <3

If at one point you’ll find time to try adding this function to the courser on hover over the slider (as seen here: ) Would be awesome!

Nice effect. This is custom code (Show X on Hover and change the data - Sorry it is not related specific to sliders (No “short” solution for idea like this).

Custom text cursor: