Slide Div Background set to Absolute

Hi All,

Relatively new to this, but currently helping a family member to build a small web presence for their business. I think I have figured out what the issues is, and don’t think it can easily be achieved - but wanted to double check if anyone might be able to help.

It appears to me that the background of a Div in an individual slide, if set to Absolute, will be absolute relative to the entire slider. This is obviously not noticeable on the first slide, but on subsequent slides the background will “disappear”.

What I wanted to achieve was an auto slider containing multiple slides that are divided into thirds (used a grid for that). On each slide a different third will contain a div with the same background as the slider div, set to absolute and fixed with a filter applied. The end result for the first slide looks like this:

So the idea was to have a different grey scale partition on each of the slides. But the background in the filter div will not be absolute in relation to the individual slide, but slip out of view on every but the first slide.

Any idea how I could achieve this?

Thank you!

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