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Slide Autoplay resume after user click/tap

Another feature request for the slider widget.

If the slider is set to auto play and the user clicks a the slide or on one of the arrows the slider stops. That’s fine but i’d like to have the option for the slider to resume auto playing after a set amount of time has passed without any user interaction. say a couple of seconds.

  • Yes, I really need this feature!
  • No, I feel that this is not as important as other items on the wishlist.

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Just bumping this again because it’s a related issue.

Lets say i want to create a slider that i want to auto play only. The slider doesn’t have any left and right arrows. It’s only job is to play the slideshow over and over. The problem i’m having is if a user clicks on any of the slides the slider stops. I need the slider to ignore any interaction from the user and just keep playing.

So the 2 features I would like to have in the slider widget is:

  1. The option to Ignore all user interaction when slider is auto playing.
  2. When auto playing and a user interacts with the slider resume auto playing after the user stops interacting with the slider (after a set time interval).

… for example… I built this cool slider using the slider widget and interactions.

I think it makes a great example of what i’m talking about. Let’s say I’m using this slider in a hero section. Problem is if a user clicks or taps anywhere on the screen it stops the slider from going to the next slide.

This seems like a big issue to me but since this topic isn’t getting much traction, maybe the webflow team/community doesn’t agree.

…or maybe there is an easy way to do what i’m wanting to do that i don’t know about.

Thanks for your feedback @bryantay! We decided to turn off auto-play because the user experience is very bad when the user is interacting with the slider and the slider auto-switching the sliders at the same time. When the user commits to manual control they usually don’t want auto control.

I’ll talk to the dev team and see if there is an straightforward way to implement your suggestion. I think deleting the slider nav arrows is enough to convince users that it’s not “clickable” IMO. Usually website users don’t click on things unless there is some call to action…so that might solve your problem.

thanks @thesergie. Just one final comment on this.

Yes I hope this is something that you can add in the future. For what it’s worth, the product I was using by Adobe before i was lucky enough to discover Webflow had this implemented very nicely. See attached screenie. Note the Resume After option… That ONE option solves all the bad user experiences you talked about when interacting with a slider that is set to auto play.

(BTW, the Play Once, Shuffle, and Enable/disable Swipe are all nice options as well)

Might be worth a little competitive research :smile:


Good suggestions @bryantay. We’ll put these on our roadmap.

I would like to voice my opinion that I would also value this added functionality. I can understand why your dev team designed the slider that way, but there are special cases where having the option to re-engage auto play would be very beneficial.

Yep… It’s a bit frustrating that it’s been a year now and a feature that you’d think would take maybe a day to add hasn’t been implemented… I can only guess webflow doesn’t realize how annoying this is… especially when my clients ask me why the slideshow keep stopping when they don’t realize they accidentally clicked or swiped in that area.

Still liking Webflow never the less :wink:

My slider doesn’t resume after a visitor touches the slide (which is quite large) on mobile views. I would add my interest to be able to control this and enforce the slider to continue after a couple seconds, which doesn’t seem to happen automatically.

Badly need this feature.

Sometimes I need slideshows for auto-run only which users are not supposed to interact with. But every time a user touches them on mobile they stop.

I would highly welcome a checkbox in slider settings that would make slider none-interactive at all.

Meanwhile, if you need to disable autoplay for your sliders, you can do it by editing webflow.js (need to export site first).

To disable autoplay:

  1. Open webflow.js in your text editor
  2. Locate the comment line // Disable timer on first touch or mouse down
  3. Disable the following function by putting it between comment tags: /* */

It should look like:

/* var touchEvents = ‘mousedown’ + namespace + ’ touchstart’ + namespace;
if (!designer) {, function() {
} */

im bumping this :smile:

I need this functionality also.

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On mobile when a user clicks a slide, they stop, and no way to resume. No way to disable them being able to stop the slide.

Bumping this. I would also love the ability to resume slides.

Unfortunately after 2 years of waiting for this it’s obvious to me that Webflow doesn’t think it’s as big of an issue as we do. …pretty frustrating…

Bumping again -

Has this ever been implemented? I am hoping for the “Resume After” feature.

Thank you.

i second this request. this is incredibly useful feature to have.

Indeed, looking to transition from Adobe to webflow. I really like webflow and the features it has, but I would really like to see an “auto resume time after stop by user input”-option, which Adobe has for over 2 years now.

I need this too; customers are requesting it!