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Slick.js form not submitting

Hey guys,

I hope that you’re all keeping well and safe!

I’ve implemented slick.js for a carousal form in Webflow due to needing to use adaptive-height (not supported in Webflow at this time), everything seems to work great apart from the form not submitting.

Here’s the site’s Read-Only URL.

  • I’ve tried placing the slick.js script in the header, the form submits but the slider isn’t intialised, which makes sense.

Any help would be appreciated! :wink:

your form settings do not have a post action specified. are you familiar with forms in webflow?

Hi @Ozone,

Thanks for your message.

I’m very familiar with forms in Webflow. :slight_smile:, generally I’d use an action script/url for integration into MailChimp or another tool such as a CRM platform etc. - I’m currently using Webflow’s default action that’s inbuilt, should I be using a different action script here?



@vincent, @samliew,

Any thoughts on how to resolve this? :slight_smile: