SKU Values - What are they?

Hi all,

In the attached Zapier screen grab I have a field called SKU Values.

Does anyone have any idea what this field is and what data it is expecting?

Any help much appreciated to try and solve a long standing headache with this automation.

In general, an SKU is a combination of letters and numbers (say FA003) that corresponds with a specific item. In our example, FA could be a rain jacket and 003 would mean to us that it’s a blue jacket. FA001 could be yellow and FA002 red.
It’s used in retail and e-commerce. Does the webflow ecommerce have an SKU field?

If you add an option set to a product, the system creates a “sku-properties” array for the product.

Example of one called “size” on a product;

 "sku-properties": [
                    "id": "df55896f630880d2a0115087c93b3ab4",
                    "name": "Size",
                    "enum": [
                            "id": "f4946449e3f3287ab36320107a3373bc",
                            "name": "Small",
                            "slug": "small"
                            "id": "aa8c8937bc4920c5ca7ee2c6d285f9fc",
                            "name": "Medium",
                            "slug": "medium"
                            "id": "3e8a326dfb857f0a2440808078ae1920",
                            "name": "Large",
                            "slug": "large"

In the SKU’s collection, each Variant of that product has a corresponding value to map that sku-values to an option (in this case size).

Example on a Variant of the product ;

"sku-values": {
                "df55896f630880d2a0115087c93b3ab4": "aa8c8937bc4920c5ca7ee2c6d285f9fc"

So in this case; the sku-value ID (df55896f630880d2a0115087c93b3ab4) is mapped to the size “Medium” (aa8c8937bc4920c5ca7ee2c6d285f9fc).

@webdev Thanks for the response this is very helpful.

So when creating a new item in the Product Collection the SKU Properties field is available. I tried to create an Option called Size and a Variant Called Medium by typing “Size”: “Medium” into this field but it did not work. Is the syntax wrong, how should this look?

All I did was explain what that field is used for in the API.

Is your goal to see if you can create options on a new product via Zapier?

Sorry, but I have no idea if you can or can’t as I don’t use Zapier. I would suggest that you determine what you can do using the API. From there you can isolate what your approach in Zapier could / should be.

@webdev yes my goal is to create options on a product as the action suggests is possible.

I assumed that the Zapier integrations would just work.

A simple video tutorial from Webflow/Zapier would be a huge benefit to the non-coders maybe they’ll get round to it someday soon.

Thanks once again for the explanation of sku-properties today that was very useful info.

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