SKU in backend missing

When looking at the product-list in the backend you can pin information you want to see in the list. Earlier I could se the SKU (which is vital for me as we have many products with similar names), but now this is all blank. Is it a bug or something I’ve done wrong?

No one noticed this problem?
Still the same.

@Tuttosinistro - We can’t see your project details unless you share a read-only. If you do I will look. If a valid issue exists I will test against one of mine and then provide guidance as I have time.


Thank you @webdev .

Have you had the time to check this @webdev ?

@Tuttosinistro - I just took a look and can confirm that adding the sku as a field in the view appears to be a missing option.

This is probably due to the fact that variants are an array associated to an item and that is where the SKU is populated. When building backends I would normally have a field for the root-sku and then when creating variants I would instruct the editors to use the root-sku + a unique id for each. That would allow for searching and manipulating both a parent item and its variants. You should be able to approach this issue in the same manner in WF commerce. You just won’t be able to see the variants until you drill into the product record.

Ok, that’s a shame. It worked before, so something has changed :confused:

Thanx you for taking the time though.