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Skipping Navbars


I’m not sure what my issue is with my nav bars but every time the page loads the nav mars seem to want to automatically align to the right. And when resizing the browser page the navbar constantly is trying to align to the right, but then goes back to it’s correct formatting. I’m not to sure how to fix this.

Thank you for any help you can give.

  • josh

Hi @joshalo3

if you want to push your nav links to the left, use the FLOAT property:

Hope this helps :smiley:

hi @PixelGeek. thanks for the quick reply. sorry, I don’t think I explained my situation correctly.

If you look at the live page:
every time the page loads or is resized the navbar jumps around like crazy. How can I fix that?

ah. then you might be looking at your site on an iPad or something. This is a known issue. To fix this, remove the “ALL” transitions and only set the transitions you need. Like Font color and background color.

It’s happening on my iMac, but I will definitely change the transitions.

@PixelGeek you are the man. this has been driving me nuts for the past few weeks. Thank you!!!

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