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Skew Div/ Section but not the Background image

Hey guys! Desperately need some help with figuring how to skew a section and somehow now the background image. Link is attached but the page is titled “Home”. The first section is where the problem is. I’ve looked at a few posts already but didn’t understand them.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Hey @Tumusiime_Rayan,

Can you give and example or reference to what you’re trying to achieve?

Hey! Thanks for the quick reply. I hope this image helps

That is an easy fix.
Instead of skewing anything, just add a div at the bottom of the section with right border size 100vw and white color. and top border size 20vh with transparent color:



Thank you! Let me try that and get back to you

So simple! Thank you so much! Works really well. You just saved a life :sweat_smile:

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