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Sketch 3.9 and Responsive design

Hey WF Community,

So i have been using Sketch 3.9 for a few days now and the potential is huge. Invision has a cool little video detailing one of the more foundational changes.

This has big implications for the process before designing in Webflow. How do you guys feel this will help with the creative responsive workflow?


Tim, does it have detailed user interactions similar to Axure?

What I mean by detailed is Axure has the capability for me to allow users to type in a box and click post. When they click post the text shows up on a forum placeholder. This is great for me to do actual in-hand presentations of various apps and websites.

Does Sketch offer this capability?


Hey @seank in short no, it’s still a flat design tool with the ability to create high level prototypes via the Invision Craft plugin. You’d be better off using Webflow for the detailed user interactions.

Actually @tim - check out axure. It does all the front end stuff I need.

Hey Tim,

I’ve been using Sketch for the last few weeks at work for a project I’m on. It’s unreal.

I noticed the other day that they also allow you to create designs using iOS and Material Design UI assets, which literally blew my mind!

I would definitely use it in the future to quickly mockup my designs, get pixel dimensions etc once done then build them in WF. I think Sketch is easier than WF for really quickly getting designs onto a page (I sometimes find WF a bit trickier to go straight into, I have to mock it up first in InDesign!) but then for sure where WF is the bomb is adding interactions/animations and moving content.

P.S I think I heard from someone that Semplice are working closely with Sketch to let people build Sketch designs in Semplice more easily… That may be a rumour though!

Have you personally taken anything from Sketch into a web/app build? Would be keen to hear how it goes if you have/do in the future!