Sizing Issue with Custom Embed in Collection Lists

How can I make sure that my custom embed, which is being pulled from a Collection List, displays just like the other elements on my homepage (other items from the Collection List?)

At the moment I have been able to size the custom embed the right way on each individual collection page, however, when that information is being pulled onto the homepage I struggle to make it a similar size.

Here is my site Read-Only: Click Here

And the live site, where you can see the custom code: Click Here As you can see from the homepage the video element is very small, however when you click through the corresponding project, the same video displays a lot larger.

Hi Chris,

Set the width of the Project element to 100% and re-publish the site. This will resolve the issue.

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Amazing!! That worked perfectly, so simple and yet I struggled with it for ages.

Thank you Alex :pray:

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