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Size height interaction animation from the bottom


I created an interaction where the div block grows in size but it grows from the top, I would like one of the elements to grow from the bottom without using move, please help!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Kemi's Superb Project
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Hi @Kstudio , a quick fix for this is to add another Div block wrapping the H1/Text element and animate that instead of the Div Blocks/Div Block Copy.

Hey @dennyhartanto thanks for responding, how would I get it to animate from the bottom? The size height animation only grows from the top

It’ll be easier to explain with an example: Menu Test :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I’m looking for :fire: , how did you do it?

Ah I meant to share the read only: Webflow - Share

@dennyhartanto Thank you sooooooooo much!!

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