Sites that have significant organic traffic in webflow

Hey everyone - do you know of any webflow sites that have significant (>50k/mo) organic traffic that are built on webflow?

We are trying to decide to migrate to WordPress once and for all or not.

We suffered from this choice a year ago for our site Since then, we’re still on Webflow and still have no clear answer to this, but the organic performance is slowly growing (from 4K to 10K impressions/month for a year)

When thinking of migration, you should consider a few important factors:

  • if your blog/content is the main traffic source, because Wordpress is perfect for hosting blogs
  • do you have a budget for hiring Wordpress developer for constant website support
  • how good is your technical SEO setup right now

In general we fixed almost all main issues that Google found on our Webflow site. There were a few problems we couldn’t find the solution for, but seems like they shouldn’t affect organic performance much. Interesting to hear what struggles are you experiencing with your site.