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Sites not saving

Hey everyone,
My changes don’t seem to save; I get this: for a while, then it changes to the green checkmark and lets me publish, but then when I go to the actual site nothing has changed. I tried SHIFT-reload, but to no avail. It seems that changes aren’t being saved. Any idea why this might be, and what I can do about it?
Give it a try! Try the Troubleshooting link and Public site!


Try using Incognito Mode in your browser and see if exported site is working fine. We can’t export your site from the troubleshooting link. Give us a link to a published site AND the troubleshooting link. Thanks :wink:

Thanks, but it doesn’t work. It’s been “saving” a tiny change for an hour and a half now. I disabled all extensions, tried it in a new version of Chrome. I’ll see if another computer works.

@Eden, when you make changes in the designer and then you go back to the designer do those changes stick? Is it only when you try to publish it and the changes don’t show up on the published website or does it not even save in the designer?

Also, what was the last thing you added to the site?

All changes are saved temporarily (I can go back and forth between edit and preview), but it won’t publish new changes – it gives me the “Loading styles” screen forever.

Wait what if you leave the designer (close the tab) does it save the changes when you come back?

It now won’t finish saving st all.

Also, what was the last thing you added to the site?

That might help us figure out what happened.

I think the last thing I added was the pullout menu in phone modes. I’ll try removing it…