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Sitemap.xml box on Site Setting Question

Do I put this code in the Sitemap box? I got it from submitting my URL to Not sure what is supposed to go in the box and what is supposed to go to Google Webmaster tools. Thanks ~Neal

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!-- created with Free Online Sitemap Generator -->

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Hi @Neal_Gregory - yup, plop that into your Webflow dashboard here:

Make sure your sitemap xml is correctly formatted. I noticed that you’re missing the closing </urlset> tag in the code you pasted above. After you paste it in and save it, make sure to publish your site again.

Hi there,

After having pasted the code, saved it and published the web again, a new message pops up saying ‘If you haven’t already, use this URL when submitting your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools’.
Then, back to my GWT’s dashboard, I use my own custom domain and I get an error message if i just add /sitemap.xml to my URL. Any idea about what I’m doing wrong?


Im having the same issue,
after the url is generated i go to google and they are asking for my
c47booths . com / [ past the link here]
but the code generated has
what am I doing wrong?

Hi, we will use your custom domain in the sitemap.xml if you add a custom domain to your site settings. If you don’t have a custom domain, you’ll have to manually replace the urls in the generated sitemap xml, or create one yourself.

my custom domain is set up and connected to my webflow site. the issue is when I generate it, the webflow url is used… I even tried unpublishing that version of the site and just keeping the custom domain published…

thank you for the response.

I just want to join in on this. Got the same problem as @hmoozwalrus. Got my custom domain set up and running well, tried to make a sitemap in the Webflow Dashboard using the “Generate Sitemap” button but instead of my custom domain I also get the domain instead.

I might got this wrong, but do I have to generate a sitemap externally and then paste in the code in the sitemap box in the Webflow Dashboard and THEN click “Generate Sitemap” button to generate a URL for Google Webmaster Tools?

Or is the “Generate Sitemap” button used to actually create a sitemap and also generate a URL to the sitemap to be placed in the Google Webmaster Tools?

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