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Sitemap on one page responsive webpage

What to do with sitemaps on one page webpages?
I have only one page, but several sections that acts as “old” pages. Can I trick Google to see them as different pages?

No you cannot. There is no shortcut around this.

Wouldn’t I then have a problem? I mean with only one page I imagine that my bounce rate will be very high when I have no action fo the user to perform. If that is true, is there a work arround for that?

You can create 301 (permanent) redirects to your home page in the site settings.

Okay. I am sorry if I am not totally following. What would a redirect help?

What is your objective here?

I have made a one page webpage: and are concerned about SEO as I have only one page.
As I see it (but I might be wrong) google will see a not very useful sitemap and perhaps more importing no user actions and all users will leaving the site from the same page as they entered, leading to a bounce rate of 100%
Is this just me looking at in in an old fashioned way?

I don’t see anything wrong with this. Isn’t this what you intended by making only a single page?

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