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Site won't scroll but only sometimes

Having a hard time getting my site to scroll. Sometimes it does great, sometimes it just freezes. Any idea why this wouldn’t be working?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Read only link isn’t working. Also the Nav isn’t clickable for most of the page scroll. Maybe a z-index thing.

would z-index effect scroll?

No I don’t think so. But the z-index of your Nav can effect whether it is clickable or not, which might be why it isn’t clickable until halfway down the page.

How does it look now? I think I fixed it.

The Nav is still not clickable. If you change the container or div named “navigation w-nav” to a z-index of 100 it works, it’s just behind something else right now.

Try it now. Things are scrolling for me as well. Just changed what you suggested

Yeah Nav is working fine now. Cool site!

Any clue how to make a section only show once on first load?
Or like once a month

No but I’m sure something like that is in the forum somewhere. It will probably be a Javascript + Cookie thing

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