Site won't load after Publish - 500

I previously published the site multiple times with no issues, months ago. Making new modifications for the second time and now i cannot access the site via its html nor the .io direct link. Tried other devices and switched VPN access and nothing.
I’m getting a white page that says.
“500” “Something unexpected happened
The page you requested unexpectedly failed to load. Contact the site owner or support for more assistance.”

I only made text modifications and a Div block or two for adjustments. NO changes in links or other back end info. Need to get the site back up. Help please.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

AWS is down. [Incident in progress - AWS error affecting sites] Server 500 error - #44 by POWWOW

I’m among those experiencing this too, but interesting that your site loads just fine for me.

My site was down 10 minutes ago with the same error messages as everyone, right now, since about 3 minutes ago, is up and running. Maybe the issues are being solved.