Site Speed Issues in Webflow

This is an absolute lie all around. webflow is the absolute fault here. Webflow.js loads a total of 340kb at 1.4s including all images that load from webflow will load at 1.4s or more. The seed cant be increased because of the host that webflow uses, maybe it is amazon i dont know, but it is crap. I never seen such slow servers. This on its own will drop your score by as much as 40%. In addition webflow does not support nexgen images. There are requests as far as 2018 asking for this. Webflow is not for speed optimization it is for people that want to have a nice website, these are two different things. If you want speed learn how to use AMP, that will get you 100%. To help some of the people maybe tell them to pay for cloudflare PRO 20$ a month. This will compress and convert “some” images to webp.