Site speed issue?


I’ve run my client site through both and and it’s showing up as 4 secs plus to load. Which surprised me, I thought it would load much faster. Any ideas what could be causing this please. My share link is below. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, Graham

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Looks like your typeform is causing a slight delay:


here’s my test:

Hope this helps

Am facing the same problem. Hope anyone here can help me too. Thanks in advance.
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Start from “entire site” debugging":
Create new page ===> Put one heading - write “hello world” - and do the tests. You find a lot of fonts and scripts (For the entire site). “hello world” page in your case will load in 2± seconds (Instead of 0.3± s).

Only text pages like privacy also slow so this is “entire site” issue.

Like @PixelGeek mention - first, solve the fonts issue - related topic fonts & speed:

Fix this than update :slight_smile: about the result.

Thanks Nelson @PixelGeek, I’ll see what typeform say.

Hi @Siton_Systems

Thanks for your reply, that’s a big help. So here’s the results:


home page = 4.2 seconds
hello world page at /hello-world = 985ms
privacy page at /privacy = 1.06 seconds


home page = 9.9 seconds
hello world page = 2 seconds
privacy page = 2 seconds

So I’ve tried to restrict the font usage to quicksand google font. However the html is showing open sans being downloaded too. I’ve searched through the site in great detail but can’t find where open sans is being referenced. Is there any quick way you know of to find it? I probably used it one place early in the design, or on one page somewhere.

I want to get rid of Open Sans first and see how much that helps before looking at other things.

As an aside, @pixelgeek it would be really useful if webflow could auto-detect fonts not being used and stop them downloading but not sure if that is possible?

Thanks again for your help, it’s much appreciated.

No way to see your custom code under “entire page” please an add screenshot of this area in your site.

My “hello world” test Vs yours:


0.079 seconds & 64kb


0.943 seconds (X 13.6!!) higher & 490kb (X 7.6 higher)

Ok, your CSS is bigger (More styles) + some tracking codes + more fonts, anyway its looks very weird.

38 server req (Why?)
You load a lot of weird stuff Besides open-sans - example

Summary: No way to create good performance site if an empty page with “hello-world” :slight_smile: Take 1 second to load.

Hi @Siton_Systems

Many thanks for your help with this.

Rather than post multiple screenshots I’ve created this very short video to show what’s in the custom code header and footer sections:


We do have quite a few scripts for typeform, trustpilot, google optimize, crazyegg, google tag manager etc. But nothing out of the ordinary on a commercial site these days.

The link you posted just displays a black screen for me: Can you clarify please.

Any idea how to find Open Sans in my site? It’s weird because most of the pages are built with symbols and I’ve had a pretty thorough look through them.

Also, quick question, the site doesn’t download all the images and graphics in the assets section in designer, does it? Some of them aren’t used. I assume it just downloads the ones it needs but thought I’d check.

Thanks again,


Your site load this asset. I don’t know what is it.

Do copy-paste of the code before body & head (Wrap with code) - its hard to read text from a video.

Of course not. Only specific assets on the page.

Ok, thanks @Siton_Systems

I’ve put it in a text file as does’t seem to be formatting properly when I put it in the forum code tag

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Hi Siton_Systems

I have reasons for loading them through the site directly. All my Google Ads and FB pixel events are fired through GTM. But appreciate it could help performance so will look at using GTM for everything. Thanks.


Hi @webflow @cyberdave

Two quick things.

1 - I’ve just discovered about http2 which webflow apparently already runs on. This article suggests the things I thought were issues, (multiple image requests, js files not merged etc) shouldn’t matter with http2.

That being the case, any idea why the site is running slow?

2 - Any news on the Open Sans font bug please?

Many thanks.