Site seems to be broken on Safari web browser

I’ve build a personal portfolio website and in every web browser (Edge, Chrome, etc) it works and look like just fine, but in safari it looks like the site is broken.
Some of the interactions are broken, some parts of the site dosen’t even show.
I’m definitely not an expert in webflow, not even intermediate so the site is probably built really jagged and un professional but it worked just fine for my use case except in Safari (In mobile safari the site works fine, only in desktop it seems to be broken).

I’m testing it in the latest Safari Version (Version 15.5) on Mac.
Also the latest versions of Google Chrome / Edge.

Site link:

Please Help,

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi Ron,

did you find a resolution to this ? not sure if its the same issue but Im running into an issue with Safari 15.5 too. (which wasn’t there previously)