Site Search title not pulling CMS title

Hello Community,

Having an issue with my webflow project where the site search is now pulling the CMS title. Instead it seems to be defaulting…

Here is my CMS settings for searching on the cms template

It’s really important to have a functioning search working on my site due to the volume of courses being added. I’ve tried every fix I can find/think of but I feel it’s either really simple fix or completely out my control.

Also seems some newer cms items are not coming up in the search even after waiting 30mins+ for the site to index search results.

All suggestions welcome, thanks in advance


Hey @kanegarland what do you mean by defaulting? Can you please further explain and give examples? Also posting your project’s read-only link and published link could be helpful.

The search indexing does not happen instantly.

Please read about it here. The Indexing section is near the bottom of the page. It mentions that indexing can take up to 30min and how often the auto-index happens is based on the hosting plan.

@matthewpmunger Thanks for your reply. You’ve pointed me in the right direction looking at the university link I didn’t realise you could push the indexing via the search settings in the designer. I now understand that with CMS hosting it takes time to index but you can push it manually.

This has been a burden these last few days… thank you!

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