Site Search stopped searching CMS

Hi All.

My site search has stopped searching and showing results for a certain CMS collection. I have double-checked that the Exclude from site search is unticked and made sure the page areas is searchable. It was working for a month or so but has now stopped working. I have duplicated the site and reindexed the content but it’s still not working. Has anyone got any ideas please.



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Which collection is being missed?
You’ve done the right things- check the collection page settings and the element settings to ensure they’re configured to be included in site search.

Outside of that, it would be a systems issue which would mean contacting support.

You might also try checking your sitemap to see if that collection is included. If not, you might verify that you have a default locale set. Missing that can cause some weird systems issues in Webflow.

Thanks for your reply.

Its the Staff Referrals collection. The collection is live. If I go to each page they are there.