Site Search: Help to config and refine


I have two questions about Site Search:

  1. I have some blog recommendations on my blog page post. But The site search is indexing everything, no matter the theme. I would say it is causing by the recommendation itens on the page, but I already excluded it from so many ways and it is still terrible. For exemple: If you like for “cerveja” (Beer), you will see a lot of no related posts as the result.

  2. I set to Highlight search terms in snippets, but I don’t have All Bolds class (in the pink way) as the tutorial mentioned. Also, it is not clear what exactly I have to do in this case to get the words matched as bold.

Bonus Question: How can I create the Pink (Global) in class? Like Body or Heading 1? I lose some and I don’t know how to recover it.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - LET'S Delivery

Here is my site Published:

hi @Andre_Mortari

  1. If WF filtering doesn’t fulfil your needs and you need better filtering options consider look in Finsweet filtering plugin. (here is many requests about how to work with this plugin)

  2. you can’t create GOBAL classes (pink) as they are WF predefined. You can modify these with WF UI. These GLOBAL classes can be overwritten by CUSTOM (blue) classes as they have impact on CSS specificity the same way as combo classes increase specificity to overwrite custom class.

Global All bold is accessible on span

Adding to Stan’s guidance,

Webflow’s search has very few configuration or customization options. You cannot weight results and in the search results page, the view works like a collection list, but without filtering or sorting support.

If you’re ambitious, you can adjust the organization and styling of your layout results by collection list, using scripts. I have a prototype here where you can redefine the layout of your results and what aspects of each result show ( title, url, snippet, image, etc. ).

Here’s a current version of that engine that sorts courses, lessons blogs, tags, and other results into different parts of the results page;

Example 1 / Example 2 / Example 3

If you want deeper capabilities on your search results, you can try a 3rd party solution instead like Google’s Programmable Search Engine, however there’s a good chance it will not have the ability to index Membership-gated pages. That limitation can be good, or bad, depending on your site needs.