Site search for text hidden by animation

Hi! I just noticed that the answers to these FAQ questions are not showing up in my search. They animate in and out by setting the height to 0 or auto. Any advice on how to get this “hidden” text to show up in site search?

I understand that Webflow’s search implementation indexes before script runs, and is not indexing “visible content only”, so you shouldn’t have any conflicts with interactions.

In your case, your FAQs are showing fine, it just happens that as a marketing site there aren’t a lot of unique phrases to key off of, so other pages are winning, and you’ve limited your search results to 10 so these often get excluded.


A few things you can do-

  1. increase your search results count. I think it maxxes at 60.
  2. If you move your FAQs to the CMS, you can extend the search results page by adding FAQs directly in their own column, with Finsweet CMS filter to filter them on the search term. Should be pretty slick, it would basically be doing a double-search, one site-wide, one FAQs-only. You may not even need script to support it if it’s configured right.

Thank you for the comprehensive answer Michael!

Looks like its indexing some of the answers but not all. (see screenshot). This word is taken from the 3rd to the last question and not showing up in search. Any thoughts on why this might be?

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That’s a good question for support, I’ve seen some missing results in Sygnal’s site search on occasion as well.

Remember, indexing frequency depends on your plan. You can trigger it I think every 24h. Also check to make sure you haven’t excluded the element, any parent, or the page from site search indexing.

@memetican That was it! Somehow the collection list was set to not index.

Thank you!