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Site scrolls past footer - Trouble with overflow


please have a look at this site in CHROME and in FIREFOX or IE -->

scroll to the end and you see the problem --> on chrome you can scroll past the footer section quite a bit, firefox and ie or edge handle it right. What can be done to stop this scrolling issue in chrome? I believe it has something to do with the html tag (height:100%), but I cannot change this anywhere?!

thanks for your help!

Hi @wisemac
Thanks so much for posting about this. This is definitely odd behavior.

I am looking into it now with the team to find a solution for you! I’ll post back here when I have more information.

Thanks for your patience!

footer.max is hard set to 250.

Thanks for that information @Revolution

I removed the max height on the footer but the issue persists. We will continue to investigate this!

Hi @wisemac, thanks for your patience. The trouble with the issue has to do with overflow caused by the interaction “divimgload” that has a skew on an image that is 4000px wide, and there is no style setting the element to display none at initial appearance.

The solution should be to add an initial display none on the image style and then add a first step of display block with 0ms to the load trigger.

Take a peek:

I hope this helps, let me know if any further trouble.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @cyberdave and contributors,

now that was a tricky one indeed. :wink: Thanks a lot guys for hepling me out. It works now as intended and I learned another lesson in webflow interactions. You webflow guys are my heroes! :smiley:

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