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Site Resizing Issue


I’m needing help with my design layout on a template I bought. The site is live but the issue I’m having appears in the Designer not on the live website because I have not published it again due to the error.

I was updating “Our Clients Say” section and the Testimonial Wrapper was not in line with my client quotes above, so I accidentally moved the whole body and now there are grey spaces showing on the left and RHS. When I tried to revert the change it stayed the same. They won’t move back when I click on the body line and move it.

At the bottom of the designer you can see that the grey line, on the RHS, sticks out by a few mm before the actual page starts at 0px.

Here is my site Read-Only:

I look forward to your feedback.


Did you get this issue resolved? I looked but can’t find the section or issue?

Hi Gary,

Thanks for checking. Yes I still have two issues.

  1. Here is a screenshot showing the thin grey lines on the left and RHS that shouldn’t be there:

  1. I was trying to resize my Testimonial Wrappers - here you’ll see the two bottom testimonials are not in line with the two above - and by accident moved the whole body inwards and it won’t move back, which caused the thin grey lines to appear:

Hope you can help.


  1. Move the entire Row with “Cliff Drysdale & Fallon Fitzsimmons” blocks inside the parent Container.

  1. I don’t see the “Thin Grey Lines” that you’re talking about. I’m trying to find them.

Hi Gary,

Thanks for assisting me.

The grey lines thankfully disappeared when I published my changes.

Take care.

Warm regards,

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