Site rendering horribly on mobile


Just created this site on webflow however as the title says, the site (for some weird reason) renders really bad on mobile devices with my iPhone displaying the site the worst and my table showing some random strangeness too. Speaking of which, for some reason, the logo text is displaying more towards the left when it is supposed to be right at the center of the screen when the site is viewed on devices as well as on smaller laptops/screens.

I am not exactly sure if this is just me though. Would appreciate help and thoughts.

The read only link is this:

The site itself can be viewed here:

Thank You in Advance.

Hi, the read only link doesn’t work for me, could you re-generate it please?

I checked the site on my iphone 6, I see what you’re talking about.

We’ll see with the read only link, but I can already say that your design relies a lot on hover effects and that’s not the best for mobile. I usually say it is to avoid at all cost. But that’s not really linked to your issues so let’s see :slight_smile:

Here you go @vincent

Hey @vincent any luck figuring out why the horrid rendering on mobile devices?

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