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Site redesigned from a template

A multilingual site completely redesigned in a simple style but I hope efficient for their customers. So much time spent to do it “manually” :sweat: in multilanguage… :blush: thanks for any comments!

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Nice work man! Keep up the good work. :+1:

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Thanks a lot :blush: !

Nice work!!! It looks great :smiley:

Did you manually make all the multilingual pages!? Did you try using something like localise.js? or any scripts. I have a similar project starting soon

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Thanks Thomas. Localise.js or something like that it’s too expensive so I did all the multilingual pages manually and it was really an hard work.
The site is still under construction and some parts are missing but the owner wanted to have it online as soon as possible and so I did!
Just think I have to add Polish, Japanese (I’m going to be mad for that) and maybe other languages like Russian… :sweat:
From this point of view even if I use the CMS, the 100 static pages that Webflow offers, may not be enough; it would be very useful if they increased the number of usable static pages.
I don’t even want to think about when Webflow will come out with the option to create multi-language sites, after all this work I’d be foolish to do it again. :rofl: Thanks again!