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Site performance, interactions, and smooth scrolling inconsistent. Tutorials are out dated

here is the url

I use Google Chrome
Site performance, interactions, and smooth scrolling all inconsistent on every viewport I’ve used. Tutorials are out dated. And now the site is down so I can’t attempt to fix it right after throwing down some money for ad spend for this “known problem.”
and here are some screen shots:

Not really. Since tutorials have been made, there has been minor UI changes. The add panel switched to the right and the interactions have been moved one tab right. Where are you lost on the tutorials?

Could you be more specific? I browse your page quite ok on all devices, but your page is quite complicated there are a lot of looping interactions onscroll in and out, wich makes the page jump and looks like it behave sometimes erratically. Make a duplicate of your site and remove all interactions, you’ll se that the page behave very smoothly on all devices.

Actually I did just that. Removed a few interactions and it scrolling smoothly now. However there is one interaction that is very inconsistent. Sometimes it executes sometimes it doesn’t. Also, I am having two other issues - any editing or additions should be made on the desktop view so they cascade down to mobile. And it doesn’t work the same way with mobile. Cascading up to desktop that is, yet that is exactly what is happening when I change something on mobile it cascades up. Do I have a setting change to make to correct this? For example, when making a nav bar on desktop I would need to change things for mobile for viewport size and when I do, the changes cascade up to desktop…Lastly, would you be able to recommend any guides or tutorials on creating nav bars and menus that link to other areas of the site? I seem to get stuck here.
Thx Vincent

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