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Site Password field is reset after saving value

I’m trying to set password protection on my site but webflow keeps changing the password entered when I save it!
if you look at the screen grabs below you can see that the password entered has 6 characters yet when I save it it magically has 8. Needless to say that the password I set doesn’t work to access the site, how do I resolve this?

and suddenly the set password works despite the 2 extra characters that I’m not entering… Bizarre

@Mowgli I would go as far to say that you need to enter a password with a length of at least 8 characters.

that’s not the case, it’s actually 4 characters

Can you double check that that input field isn’t being auto-filled in by your browser?

Hi @Mowgli, thanks for reporting this. I have been testing, but I have been unable to reproduce this.

It is true, the set password is not shown once saved, and the number of characters shown in the placeholder may not match the number of characters in the actual password.

I am sorry for any confusion on that. If the issue persists, let me know or send an email to, and I am happy to look further.

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