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Site only working in desktop now

I was editing my site to make it responsive. Now, when I’m in anything other than desktop mode, no interactions work and there’s a link on most of the page if you move the mouse around it turns into the pointer a lot and no button interactions or my card flip does not work on anything but desktop. Any help would be great! Thank you!

@BGastaldo, I can’t pinpoint exactly what part, but the issue is coming from the Mobile Block div inside your nav bar symbol. If you delete or disable that div, your cards work fine. I see the Mobile Block has a super high z-index… wondering if that has something to do with it? Sorry I don’t have more specific intel. I’ll keep futzing.

EDIT: Removing the Mobile Block div from the Nav Bar and placing it in the body seems to solve the issue on my end. The cards flip again and I don’t see the link cursor like I did before.

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