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Site not saving

My site is not saving. I see the icon for syncing rotating for an hour but changes are not saved. The same in icognito mode in chrome.

Any idea?

It happens when I assign a class to one of the url located on the top of the page. Here is a video that explains it pretty well:


Hi @jacobmesu

That’s strange… I was able to see it happen in your video, but your troubleshooting link wasn’t working for some reason. Did you happen to take down your site or disable the link?

I wasn’t able to reproduce this saving issue on my end. Are you still having a problem?


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Can you see what happens when it’s trying to save and then you refresh your browser?

Also, do you run into this when you’re not in incognito mode?

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I get a question whether i want to leave or stay on the page. When I say I want to leave, I lose the changes I made since last succesfull save. I also tested this in incognito…

Btw… this is the troubleshooting link:

I checked console for errors:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘index’ of undefined webflow.min.4d072818d1.js:17

I dont know if this have anything to do with it… :smile:

(anonymous function) webflow.min.4d072818d1.js:25
b webflow.min.4d072818d1.js:25
a webflow.min.4d072818d1.js:24
b.getStyleText webflow.min.4d072818d1.js:31
b.toJSON webflow.min.4d072818d1.js:31
(anonymous function) webflow.min.4d072818d1.js:27
x.each.x.forEach webflow.min.4d072818d1.js:1
h.css.getPayload webflow.min.4d072818d1.js:27
h.css._sync webflow.min.4d072818d1.js:27
(anonymous function) webflow.min.4d072818d1.js:27

Thanks for the super detailed info @jacobmesu!

Hey @danro, @callmevlad or @brryant do you guys have any ideas what might be going on?

I sure want to help you debug but the code is minified. So it’s not readable.

@jacobmesu - can you tell me the name of the class that you applied to the text link? Thanks for helping us get to the root of this!

It doesn’t matter what class name. I can’t assign a class to anything, headings, links paragraphs… :unamused: I want to use webflow because it’s so good. But not being able to save is a big showstopper.

Totally @jacobmesu. This is the first time we have someone run into this, so it’s very odd. Can you try to use Webflow in Safari and see if that causes the same problem?

Hi @jacobmesu, from the (admittedly dense) error output, there’s an indication that there’s a CSS property that is not recognized by Webflow somehow appearing in the new class that is added. Not quite sure yet how that is happening yet, but could you please let me know your browser version and operating system version? If you are on a Mac, have you tried to perform the same action with Safari 7?

Also, I just pushed a change to production to try to address the issue above - are you still able to reproduce once you refresh your browser?

Windows 8 plus chrome V 31.0.1650.63 m. I’ll try it on safari. .edit. nah… doesn’t work. Preloader stops at ‘Loading site’

I found some more info… It looks like the group for property ‘text-decoration-line’ is missing. I took the liberty of deminifying your source. I hope you don’t mind:

From the stacktrace in chrome console:

a: Object
property: “text-decoration-line”

d is _webflow.constants.styleOrderMap so I assume there is a new property in this version of chrome which you did not include?

Hope that helps…

@callmevlad anynews?:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hey @jacobmesu, I just pushed another fix to better handle previously-unknown CSS properties in our ordering code. Can you try again? Sorry for the delay :\

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@callmevlad thanks for the help! It’s working… :smile:

Awesome, thanks so much for your patience and help in figuring this out! I’m always working on Chrome Canary (bleeding edge version), so wonder why I haven’t been hit by this bug myself before.

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