Site not loading properly on Safari until page refresh

I just posted about an issue with borders and anchor links in Safari, but I now see that I also have a broader issue with Safari (both Mac and iOS) not loading a page properly the first time it’s visited, but then loads properly upon refresh.

The first time the site is visited, the ADD TO CART buttons midway down the page (which can be quickly accessed via the “buy” button at the top of the page) don’t work. Clicking them does nothing. Everything else on the page seems to work fine. However, I noticed that the cart icon in the header has a solid circle with no item count when this occurs, whereas upon a page refresh, a “0” appears, indicating no items in the cart, and the ADD TO CART buttons then work properly.

Here is my site Read-Only: Intertionanal Scalp Show site

I found the error — I had the product options block hidden (because there was only one option and the client didn’t want to see the pulldown). Even though it was set to automatically choose a default option, Safari wasn’t choosing it until a refresh occurred (not sure why). I eliminated the options altogether and the ADD TO CART button now works upon first loading.

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